BREXIT: Where are we now?

Event Date March 23, 2017 12 p.m.

Location – Cardiff Campus, ATRiuM Building

In June 2016, the result of a closely contested election committed the UK to withdrawing from the EU. Those who campaigned for the UK to leave were clear the UK would be better off outside the UK. By contrast, those who resolved to remain in the EU forecast economic troubles as investors and businesses moved their interests abroad.

Nearly a year on from the referendum, we welcome back to the University Dyfrig John, one of the country’s most senior financial experts, to consider how far we can now assess the impact of ‘Brexit’ on the UK economy, for the British government and, of course, for British citizens.

Dyfrig John CBE is a graduate of the University of South Wales who’s contribution to banking was described by HSBC Chairman Stephen Green as “immeasurable”.

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Tagged: Global Choices: Talking Points