Rt Hon Charles Clarke delivers lecture on the big issues politicians can’t crack

March 13, 2015

From immigration and welfare reform, to climate change and the effects of an ageing society, there is widespread evidence that voters are increasingly frustrated with the responses of governments to major public issues. In many European countries, as well as in the US, disaffection with the traditional political parties is translating into a growth in support for parties of protest and alienation, such as UKIP in the UK or the Front National in France. In other cases, people are simply choosing to disengage from political life, with a weakening level of trust in political institutions.

This lecture will explore how mainstream political parties need to work together to address these challenges and to cooperate more effectively to tackle some of the major problems of our age. The Financial Times recently wrote of Charles Clarke’s book 'The Too Difficult Box’ that ‘would-be ministers and mandarins should put it at the top of their reading list’. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Politics at UEA.

Read lecture transcript online:
The Too Difficult Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can’t Crack

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