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Professor Palash Kamruzzaman

Professor Palash Kamruzzaman is Director for the Centre of Social Policy. He has over seventeen years of research experience in the areas of international development and aid; participation in policy-making; civil society; global poverty and measurement of extreme poverty, education; counter-terrorism; and expertise in policy-making. 

Dr Stuart Jones conducts research with grassroots community and third sector organisations in South Wales. His research and teaching interests lie in the fields of Social Policy, Community Development and Sustainable Development. 

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Dr Jennifer Law's research interests include the accountability of public organisations, performance measurement and evaluation, strategy in the public sector, improving public services, and the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Professor Steve Smith

Professor Steve Smith is Professor of Political Philosophy and Social Policy. His main research interests include the philosophical and policy/practice debates concerning equality, diversity, social justice, fairness, social inclusion, reciprocity, value conflict, agency, freedom, autonomy, citizenship, and well-being.

Dr Filippos Proedrou

Dr Filippos Proedrou is a senior lecturer in Global Political Economy. Filippos' research interests and work focus on energy geopolitics, including oil and gas and extending to renewables, and global climate policy. In regional terms, Filippos’ research focuses on EU-Russia (energy) relations and Black Sea geopolitics, EU integration and energy and climate policy, Eastern Mediterranean (energy) geopolitics, and Greek foreign and energy policy. 

Dr Roiyah Saltus

Dr Roiyah Saltus  is a sociologist and researcher-activist. A key aspect her research has been to draw out the voices of people from marginalised, migrant, and minority ethnic population groups; and to spotlight issues of access, engagement and utilisation in a range of health and social care settings. The bulk of her research is qualitative, increasingly arts-based, and most often conducted in collaboration with the voluntary and community sector. She sits on the steering group of the George Ewart Centre for Storytelling.

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Dr Andrew Thompson's research interests are mainly in the fields of nationalism, ethnicity and civil society.

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Professor Howard Williamson is Professor of European Youth Policy. His primary research interests are around youth policy, citizenship and social exclusion, and the role of youth work in the personal development and social integration of young people. Professor Williamson is a longtime contributor to Children and Young People Now.

Wendy Booth

Dr Wendy Booth is a Lecturer in Public Service Management and Course Leader for the BSc (Hons) Sociology. Her primary research interests are global citizenship and social justice; tolerance and ethnocultural empathy, and the use of artificial intelligence to support mental health in conservative communities.  


Dr Ehsan Kabir is a Lecturer and interdisciplinary researcher working predominantly in the areas of human geography. His work sits at the intersection of migration, refugee crises, livelihood transition and environmental degradations. In the pursuit of policy relevant findings, he uses novel interdisciplinary methods combining mixed methods (e.g. strong qualitative and quantitative) with socio-political analysis.